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Clément Charnay


Actually student in Master degree in Networking and Telecommunication at Grenoble INP (National Polytechnic Institute).

You can download my  Resume or you can follow this link :


Netwoking Securing

It is possible to secure a network with multiple ways.(Software et hardware), to bring with reliable solutions for data retention.

Networks Architect

High availability is very important issue for busineses to bring about continuous service for all its employees. We must therefore set up redundant architectures.

Networks Manager

As a machine park administrator, I've been able to learn and apply simplified management across infrastructure (GLPI,Robocopy).

Distributions Linux.

Debian,Redhat,Ubuntu & servers distribution are low cost operational solutions. I've used in several companies.

Mac OS X.

Daily use, Skills and Knowledge on all Apple© devices, as well as associated softwares.


Remote and local managment (SSHv2,SNMP,Telnet) install, securing, monitoring, optimisation, High-Availibility architectures .


Knowledges about operations routing and switching with intern and extern businesses(MPLS,BGP - RIP,OSPF,VRF,VLAN).


Daily use of virtualization tools (VmWare, HyperV, VirutalBox).


Applications and park managment (controler and associated APs) in high density and high availibility.

About me !

 I'm student in System Administrator and Network Architect in IT. This personnal Website is my own project. It is stocked on my own server. I've adapted my model and my own vision of things thanks to lastest languages, HTML5 and CSS3. All tools that I daily use, help me to improve performances about internet access. I try to understand he functionning of every tools which are usefull in my work to make the best use.

 Network and Telecoms lover, I work all day to both improve services and put my technical innovations touch. I like teamworking and bringing my kwnoledge and my experience in telecom domain.
In order to be different, I've chosen specific extension, as you certainly yet noticed ! The country code .cc define for Cocos Island. These are little islands approximately 14Km2 next to Australia. But at the same time these letters are my initials, which is quite orginial !

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